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Santapan Minda
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Mesin Basuh

There is this couple who has a son and a small house. They lived comfortably and happily.They have this habit of informing each other when they want to have sex so that each partner will be prepared. Lately the wife's parents had been frequently visiting them and will make it a habit to stay forquite a while .. so their privacy of discussing their night activity is rather limited with so many ears around and so little space. So the husband cameup with an idea.
Husband : Sayang, bila mak bapak yang ada sini, kalau kita nak projek,abang nanti kata, malam ni kena basuh kain tau .. jadi yang fahamlah yang malamtu abang nak projek ...

Wife : OK-lah bang ..

So, the "basuh kain" thing worked out fine .. one day they had a misunderstanding and they were not on speaking terms and to make things worse the in laws came for another stay. After a day or two, the husband wanted to have sex, so he called his son and said :-

Husband : Atan, pi habak kat mak hang, malam ni dia kena basuh kain ..And so, atan went to themother and said:-

Atan : Mak, mak ... abah kata malam ni mak kena basuh kain .........

Wife : Pi habak kat bapak hang, mak kata WASHING MACHINE ROSAK ..

So, Atan went and told his father .. he was frustrated but he waited. The inlaws were still around and after a few days, he had the urged again, so he sent his son again with the same message...

Husband : Atan, pi habak kat mak hang, malam ni dia kena basuh kain, dah banyak dok simpan.

And so atan went and came back to his father with this answer :-

Atan : Mak kata, abah hang ni tak faham ka ..WASHING MACHINE DOK ROSAK LAGI ... simpanlah dulu...
Then the inlaws went back, and thinking that they already had a long fight and she also had the urge to have sex, the mother sent the son to the father :-

Wife : Atan, pi habak kat bapak hang, mak kata WASHING MACHINE DAH BAIK,malam ni boleh basuh kain ..So, Atan went and told his father .... and he went back to his mother with his father's reply:-

Husband : Hang pi habak kat mak hang .. bapak kata tak payahlah nak basuh kain malam ni .. BAPAK DAH BASUH DENGAN TANGAN!!!!!